House of Crous is the creative concepts of Melissa Crous. I love furniture, interior design, art, history and all things beautiful. With an education in Interior Decorating, and more than a decade of working in the Art, Lighting, and Furniture industry, my sound knowledge provides me with an extremely firm foundation for my creations.

Inspired by history and the beauty of yesteryear’s craftsmanship, I find myself capturing these elements in my work, combining it with a modern twist.

I believe that beauty is found in the most darkest of places, as dawn cannot exist without dusk, wealth cannot exist without poverty, health cannot exist without illness, you cannot feel warmth if you have never experienced the cold, and their cannot be life without death. You alone are responsible for your happiness and experiencing beauty in this life – your life.

I love Love and Romance, and everything related to it, especially art, music and poetry. The Vintage Inspired Easels that I make is an object that I can use to celebrate the exhibition of all things to do with love, like a canvas print, a painting, your favourite poem or lyrics of a song, or your very special wedding photos.

The work and products that I deliver is of the utmost quality, as I believe in only doing your best in everything that you do, even if it is just to wash your hair! I put my heart and soul into my products, taking pride in what I do. Knowledge is important – I am constantly trying out new products and doing research for product and service improvement.

For me, House of Crous is more than the creation of beautiful objects, it is a way of life, the way I see and experience things, capturing a feeling or a memory in a piece of work that can last forever…